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Worcester Help for Youth, Memories Everlasting

Why Me is a Worcester Based non-profit organization created to help Central New England families cope with childhood cancer. Why Me is not affiliated with any national organization. All funds are raised directly by the Why Me organization and no funding comes from our hospital partners. Families may be referred to us through their child's hospital, physician or they may contact our Director of Family Services, Danielle Perron, at dperron@whyme.org or call 508-757-7734. No further burden of proof is required. All assistance and services are offered to the whole family, completely free of charge.

All assistance and support is tailor made to best serve the immediate and long-term needs of each child and family. Why Me has a lasting and personal relationship with each child and their family. 87% of ALL families served since 1985 remain active with the organization today.

Love and support for families with childhood cancer.
All support & services delivered completely free of charge to the whole family.

Childhod Cancer Lifeline:
Comforting Children

  • In hospital social visits: teddy bears, gifts, cards
  • Celebrations: birthdays, treatment milestones
  • Entertainment: movies, sporting events, concerts, special events
  • Providing support for complementary & alternative therapies to ease pain, and promote healing
  • Facilitating wishes

Personal Guide helping kids and families go through childhood cancer and well beyond

Childhood Cancer Information & Resources

Daily Living Support

  • Sibling Program
  • Treatment based transportation: taxis, parking
  • Meal & food assistance
  • Childcare support
  • Parents’ essentials supplies

Emotional Support for the Whole Family

  • Hospitality, Social Clubs and fun!
  • Retreats, getaways

Family Fun Events

  • Holiday Party, Halloween Party, Easter Egg Hunt, etc.

Support Group for families in active treatment

Bereavement Support for parents & siblings

Educational Support

Financial Assistance

  • Housing, utilities, transportation, food, clothing
  • In-Hospital Fund: Immediate funds for food, transportation, basic needs