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The warmth and camaraderie of Sherry’s House stand in sharp contrast to the isolation of a hotel room during the many weeks and months of treatment.  In the lively atmosphere of Sherry’s House, it can be hard to remember the challenges these children and families face.  Sherry’s House gives children a place to be kids for a while instead of patients.  At the end of a treatment day, they can leave behind the IV drips, the needles, the nurses and doctors, and the pain and return to Sherry’s House to the comforting presence of their family and of caring staff and volunteers.

  • Individual & group sessions for children with cancer, for parents and for siblings
  • Individual & bereavement group sessions for parents and for siblings
  • Individualized tutoring
  • Relaxation massage & Reiki for children and for parents
  • Pampering for Moms - Salon Days
  • Mothers Group - Stay & Play
  • Movies on the Big Screen
  • Family activities, birthday parties, special events
  • A temporary home-away-from-home - Sherry’s House provides a family-centered residence with a deep concern for the whole child and the whole family as they experience the challenges of childhood cancer.  The eight bedroom residence is offered to families from throughout New England and the USA whose child is in active treatment at children’s cancer centers at Massachusetts General Hospital, UMass Memorial Medical Center, etc.
  • Apartment for families whose child is under hospice care or a child recovering from a bone marrow transplant.
  • Volunteer Center & Why Me office headquarters

For years, Why Me families have dreamed about having a special place, a home dedicated to healing from childhood cancer. 
Everything the Why Me organization has been able to do since 1985 to help children and families with childhood cancer is now strengthened with the addition of Sherry’s House.  Sherry’s House is a place where kids and their families from all over New England can come and receive the support and encouragement they need to fight childhood cancer, together.  It proudly serves as Command Central in caring for our over 500 existing Why Me families, providing them with the social, emotional, logistical, educational, and financial support they need, day in and day out, to overcome childhood cancer.

Sherry’s House provides no cost eight bedroom lodging for child cancer patients, their families and caregivers, throughout the cancer treatment process.  Families whose child is receiving their treatment at any Massachusetts hospital come from all over the United States, as well as, Puerto Rico & Canada to stay at Sherry's House.

In addition, Sherry’s House is home to Child and Family Activities and Events: Family Fun Events, social visits, celebrations, mentoring and survivorship programs.  It houses our volunteer programs, Cancer Resource and Research Center, the Children’s Learning Center, and the organizational home of Why Me.  

Sherry’s House is our greatest asset in helping comfort and care for children and families, throughout the treatment process and well beyond, greatly increasing our capacity to serve.